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James Hunnicutt "All By My Lonesome" 12" Vinyl

  • $1000

- 180 Gram vinyl

- Special edition James Hunnicutt Poster

- Download Card

Advertised Hunni-Bear stuffed animal sold and shipped separately

With the haunting voice of a fallen angel, he bleeds his heart & soul into 10 songs of loneliness, one night stands, hope, break ups, love & murder that make up "All By My Lonesome". All By My Lonesome Review From: Moloich Photography


1. You Left Me Here All Alone
2. To Wait Here & Want You 'til I Die
3. The Liar's Truce
4. Risk The Fall
5. Bloodline
6. Side by Side
7. Should You Dig My Grave Tonight
8. Good for You, Good Riddance & Goodbye
9. Forever an Open Door
10. One Last Kiss

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