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Hard Soil DVD - The Muddy Roots of American Music

Hard Soil DVD - The Muddy Roots of American Music

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In 2013 Slowboat Films flew to both Muddy Roots Europe in Belgium and Muddy Roots Tennessee from Germany to capture the spirit of some of the bands performing. Find out what drives them with this film. Get wild, get philosophical, get the dvd. RELEASE DATE IS JULY 31st.  US premier is also the 32st at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville TN.

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Hard Soil traces the history and evolution of American Roots music and examines its social and cultural relevance in the 21st century.
Nowhere is America's cultural evolution and diversity as palpable as in the music of the people – folk music or alternately roots music, a collective term encompassing a variety of musical styles from Bluegrass, to Blues and from Country to Gospel.
Today a wild and vibrant subculture of musicians has begun to infuse these musical styles with the sounds of the 21st century keeping the evolution of American Roots music an ongoing one and one that is not only heard in the land of Lincoln but across the globe. To many it has not only become the soundtrack to their lives - it has become a way of life.

CAST: Reverend Deadeye, Jayke Orvis and The Broken Band. Reverend Beat-Man (official), The Goddamn Gallows, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Delaney Davidson, The Calamity Cubes!, Possessed by Paul James/Official. Drew Landry, James Hunnicutt, Rachel Brooke, Dad-Horse Ottn

"If you’re the kind who prefers murder ballads over party anthems, who believes that it takes lonesomeness and blood to make good music, there’s a place for you a little further afield. In HARD SOIL, M.A. Littler gives us an exquisite tour where punk rock and country music meet. There ain’t no Nudie suits and there ain’t no tour buses, but there is blind persistence in the regenerative power of art, and the community that arises from it. 'The lost can’t bullshit the lost,' one singer says. Amen, brother."


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