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Woody Pines - Self Titled CD

Woody Pines - Self Titled CD

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Woody Pines "WOODY PINES" CD

 What folks have to say:

Ketch Secor Old Crow Medicine Show
"Howdy,  I finally got a chance to hear Woody's new album. It's rocking! I don't know how such incredible talent can go undiscovered so long. This is Woody's best solo album yet. Full of the kinds of songs that make people gravitate towards roots music. He's been it for years, so it should come as no surprise that Woody Pines' original songs have the depth of story that only a man who's walked many miles carrying a battered guitar case can tell. Woody's been beating that trail ever since he was a kid; it's the same one I went out walking. When your 14 and reading Bound For Glory and listening to Furry Lewis records, there's only one trail worth trekking. Roots music is a richer place because of Woody Pines. Buy his album ya'll"

"Go and see them - they generate such great energy on stage. It's great music and great fun - I thoroughly recommend them - they rip the whole place up!" - Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2
Bob Harris BBC Radio  Quote: "Fabulous - they just rock!" - Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"What a great, great artist!" - Frank Hennessy BBC Wales   
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